The studio has grown!

January 18, 2012

The new back space was officially broken-in last week with a boat construction project! Kind of a dream-come-true for me: kid energy channeled through tools, recycled goodies and various craft supplies to collaboratively bring life to cardboard boxes. This is the first collaborative construction involving tools. Albeit, wooden hammers, wooden nails and a basic hand drill, but what more do you really need? No matter the sophistication, the level of interest and focus that tools offer is magical.

As hammers and cardboard tubes were being wielded, I was reminded of a genius concept I read about some years ago: adventure playgrounds! Within a designated outdoor area, supplied with recycled building materials and various tools, the children and supervising adults work collaboratively to build their own play environment. Though they are more prominent in Europe, there are two in the U.S. that I know of. The Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina, in Berkeley, CA is a shining example.

My goal is to infuse the adventure playground spirit into the studio experience. The expanded back space gives the kids more freedom to manipulate the collaborative constructions in order to design spaces for themselves.

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