Muckykids Art Studio was founded in 2009 to expand art education opportunities for kids. Muckykids offers classes, drop-in studio hours and birthday parties for all ages.

Developmentally appropriate activities can serve as launching points for artistic exploration and expression. Though technique, craft and design are an integral part of the Muckykids experience, in general all projects are open-ended. This type of activity complements a young child’s process-oriented mode of thinking. ChildrenĀ are gently guided by questions that can further their understanding and deepen their engagement in the activity at hand; the artist owns the process and product.

At Muckykids the creative needs of children are met with multi-sensory activities, a wealth of fun and interesting materials, and a safe environment where experimentation is encouraged. Wear comfortable clothes that can get painted and glittered and glued and come get mucky!

Learn more about our drop-in studio hours, classes, andĀ parties. Contact us with any questions.

Muckykids Art Studio was founded by Liz Vance, who holds a BA in early childhood development and is certified in elementary education. She is also an artist and trained graphic designer who loves to craft, collage, play with color, and sew.

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