Studio safety information

January 1, 2021

Masks are required, plus hand washing, upon entering the studio.

Muckykids is offering classes and a Summer Program that will keep kids engaged and curious while following the CDC’s recommendations and safety protocols. In addition to mandatory mask-wearing and consistent hand sanitizing, the building is outfitted with an air filtration system, plus there are air purifiers in the studio.

We have rearranged the physical space and limited class enrollment. All art tables and chairs 6 feet apart. The classes for 9-14yrs will take place in the back section, utilizing the tall tables. The classes for 3-8yrs will take place in the front, using the low tables – each child having their own art table.

I have also changed the younger classes to parent-child. As I have to be ‘hands off’ with this kids, the parent/care giver can engage with their child’s process while serving as their assistant, helping with glue, tape, scissor, and the like. :) This can be a very rich and creative experience as you craft side-by-side or collaborate with your child!

Sanitizing desks, chairs, door handles, and any other shared surfaces will be a priority. I have scheduled times each day, between classes, when sanitization will happen.

In case of a spike in COVID cases and the state mandates new restrictions, I am prepared to switch to Zoom classes.

Supply Safety:
All students will engage with the day’s activities with tools and supplies that only they can touch. These will be labeled and will be theirs for the duration of the semester, stored in individual supply boxes. There will be additional supplies that I will pass out each week, depending on the activity. I will do this with clean, sanitized hands and with tongs, when possible. Each student will have their own hand sanitizer on their tables for whenever needed.

Drop-off will start 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. Please enter through the front door of the studio, on Mass. Ave. If you drive and park in the lot, you can go through the building’s lobby door to get to the Mass. Ave entrance. The lobby door is located in the center of the back of the building. It has a huge planter next to it. Go straight thru to the front. Or you can just walk around the building.

By the front entrance, you will find blue tape on the outside wall, next to the sidewalk. Please wait to enter and I will call you in, one at a time. Upon entering I will prompt you and your child to wash your hands. There are 2 sinks that we will point out.

Please send a smock in with your child that they can use during the semester. This can be an oversized t-shirt to put over their clothes or they can just wear ok-to-get-messy clothes.

After dropping off, you will exit through either of the back doors, which will be pointed out to you.

Pick-up starts at the end of the scheduled class time. Please enter thru the front of the studio, on Mass. Ave. There is hand sanitizer inside, near the door for you to use upon entering. Please exit through either of the back doors.

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