Fiber Arts: Section 1

Sewn and stuffed box pets

Tuesdays at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
01/08/2019 - 03/19/2019

Fiber Arts (Ages 8-12) – 2 hrs x 10 weeks
In a relaxed, cozy atmosphere come spend, in total, 20 hours exploring traditional and modern fiber art techniques, with the joy of crafting and creative spontaneity flavoring it all.

Throughout the semester we will look at fiber artists, past and present. We will discuss 2D vs. 3D. We will explore different types of fabric and other fiber-based media. And we will have ample opportunity to create individual projects, depending on where inspiration leads!

Some projects we will take on include:
* Batik
* Woven wall hangings
* Printing onto fabric
* Embroidery and hand stitching
* Fabric collage on wood
* Crafting tassels and pompoms
* Using polymer clay to sculpt buttons and beads to incorporate into projects

Bring dinner along, if you’d like, to eat during this two-hour evening class.
This is a class that allows for individual project ideas and exploration, therefore is for all skill levels.

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