Drop-In Studio activities for September 24 – 26

September 23, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for September 24 – 26: This week we’re creating wind chimes and mobiles using upcycled objects that make interesting noises when they bump together. They are best inside, next to an open window or fan, otherwise some of the object might rust… though, rust can be an interesting result of art being exposed to the elements. ☺ Another activity this week is squeezing glue for glue collages – there’s glitter, too. At the back tables we have bleeding tissue paper, which has lovely watercolor-like effect. At the paint table, bubble wrap is taped down for painting on and printing with. Playdough is at the sensory table with woodland creatures and pieces of nature. At the side benches we are: stamping with legos, drawing, and looking at pieces of fabric under a microscope!

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