Drop-In Studio activities for September 10 – 12

September 9, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for September 10 – 12: This week we have a new addition to the collaborative construction corner: a train! As always, this is an ongoing project, and in this case we need control panels… otherwise how will this train get anywhere! :) Help us make control panels and dials with loads of stickers, upcycled stuff, tape, and imagination. There is also a ticket making station for passengers who are ready to board. At the back table model magic is set up with texture plates, markers, wooden shapes, sticks and beads for creating sculptures. At the sensory table, cornstarch and water is out – such an amazing sensory experience! Dinos are ready to be painted at the paint table. Sponges are at the easel wall with tempera paint. On the back bench there is a new sorting/fine motor game with tongs, pompoms, and small spaces for sorting.

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