Drop-In Studio activities for Sep 7 – 9

September 6, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for September 7 – 9: This week we have Model Magic at the back tables. It’s a light, air-dry modeling dough. Textures can be pressed into it and markers can be used on the surface or blended into the dough by kneading it. Another activity this week is making garlands using origami paper – so many beautiful colors and patterns. We are also making rice and bean shakers. Play with the mixture as a sensory experience and/or add to an upcycled bottle and enjoy the sounds. At the paint table we are painting with liquid watercolors. The back bench has space-themed stamping with markers. To tie into the space stamps we have astronauts and space vehicles at the sensory table along with slime, possibly an extraterrestrial substance?! The front bench has the light table and the easel wall has brushed and tempera paint.

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