Drop-In Studio activities for Sep 14 – 16

September 13, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for September 14 – 16: This week we are building hanging sculptures using colorful craft supplies, held together with sticky foam pieces. Add a string and it turns into a kinetic sculpture or mobile. At the back tables we have spin art with simple circuits. You can illuminate a light bulb, too! At the paint table we’re painting the muckykids dinosaurs, for a 3D painting experience. At the easel wall we have the primary colors to pint with. The sensory table has a fresh batch of yellow play dough paired with construction vehicles, dough tools, and animal figures. Mail making is set up for a dynamic mark-making experience. We’re also painting rocks with water and arranging them in interesting ways. On the back bench we have mirrors, prisms, flashlights, imagery, and holographic papers for a fun optics exploration.

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