Drop-In Studio activities for Sep 11 – 13

September 10, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for September 11 – 13: This week we’re crafting puppets! Chose from a variety of bases and transform it into an animated puppet with fabric, fur, decorative paper, feathers, markers, stickers, tape, glue and more. We can use the tree house as a puppet theater! At the paint table there is printing with objects. At the easel you can paint with paint rollers. The sensory table has Bubber to play with. At the back tables we have bleeding tissue paper set up – a curious and exciting activity. We have a shiny corner to play with reflections and to decorate with stickers. The back bench is shiny, too, and set up with markers and damp sponges for “draw and erase”. At the front bench there are blank stickers that can be decorated with stamps and markers.

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