Drop-In Studio Activities for October 18 – 20

October 16, 2018

Drop-In Activities for October 18 – 20: We have more Halloween crafting! At the back tables we have fun, open-ended supplies for making puppets and hanging creatures. There are also bigger pieces of paper if making a collage is your thing. At one of the front tables we are decorating blank sticker sets with Halloween-themed stamps and markers. We also have a garland making activity. Attach the Halloween craft supplies onto a string using stickers and tape. The garlands can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The paint table has printing with bubble wrap… or finger painting over bubble wrap! The sensory table has slime with spiders, googly eyes, animal figures and tools. The easel wall has liquid watercolors. The front bench has the light table set up for shape, letter and color recognition. And the back bench has our Play Shapes block set out for temporary sculpture building.

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