Drop-In Studio activities for Oct 9 – 11

October 8, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for October 9 – 11: This week we have two nature-inspired activities. At the front tables we are making dioramas. Choose a box or a flat board and create a scene using items from nature, paper flowers, fabric, wooden people figures and lots more! At the back tables we are making temporary rock sculptures. Our collection of rocks can be arranged in so many different ways! You can brush the rocks with water – it’s neat to see how the sculptures look when wet. At the paint table we are printing with cookie cutters and paint. At the sensory table there is ‘instant snow’ to play with. We also have a jewelry craft: making pendants using cardboard, decorative tapes and markers. At the easel wall we have brushes with paint. At the back bench we have a fresh batch of sensory balloons – squeeze and guess what’s inside.

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