Drop-In Studio activities for Oct 30 – Nov 1

October 29, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for October 30 – November 1: This week we are celebrating Fall and Halloween. We’ve collected lots of leaves, acorns, and stems for decorating with silver sharpies and stickers. The acorns can be made into necklaces, too! The fall pumpkins are now at the tool bench for hammering in to, along with foam blocks. There is a costume crafting activity: dress a cardboard tube as a trick-or-treater. You can also make spooky puppets with our awesome eyeball stickers. At the sensory table there is cornstarch and water to play with. At the paint table there is a printing activity. And on the easel wall we have sparkly and drippy liquid watercolors to paint with. On the front bench mail-making is set up.

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