Drop-In Studio activities for November 5 – 7

November 4, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for November 5 – 7: This week we have a fun paper craft using paper strips and circles, hole punches, and paper fasteners. Build a paper chain, a figure with articulated limbs, or a bracelet. At the paint table magic tissue paper is set up — with water, the colors transfer to the white paper! We’re crafting jewelry with corrugated cardboard pieces. Wires slip easily through the spaces in the corrugation, making it a neat way to upcycle boxes! At the easel wall breyers and sponges are out to paint with. Bubber is at the sensory table. Mail making is set up, as well as playing with magnets. We are also building/crafting with sticky foam, craft sticks, papers, ribbons, feathers, and more.

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