Drop-In Studio activities for November 3 – 5

November 2, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for November 3 – 5: This week we have foam and wire sculpture with lots of fun and colorful details to add… a visually stimulating process and product! We have a dynamic painting activity using golf balls and paint: scoop the balls from the paint bowls, drop them into the box and shake ‘em around, watching as the painting develops. The pumpkins are on the paint table this week, looking forward to kiddos painting them. Recycle craft is set up for making decorations and controls for the Muckykids airplane, or for taking home. Bubber is at the sensory table for playing with. There are two color sorting activities. Letter stamps and markers are on the front bench. Watercolor palettes are set up along with white crayons for a wax resist experience.

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