Drop-In Studio activities for Nov 9 – 11

November 8, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for November 9 – 11: This week we have a few favorites set up. On one of the front tables we are crafting nature wands. Wrap yarns and wires around sticks and embellish with colored tape, beads, feathers and more. On the back tables we are decorating paper dolls & pets and using recycle craft for making beds or homes or cars for them– tons of creative fun! The paint table has cars, trains, and objects to print/paint with. The sensory table has play dough. Our rock collection is set up to draw on with chalk and to brush with water. Making temporary sculptures with the rocks is a nice activity, too. The front side bench had mirror drawing. The back bench has magnets to play with. A sticky wall with colored vinyl for dry color mixing is set up. The easel wall has brushes and paint.

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