Drop-In Studio activities for Nov 20 – 22

November 19, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for November 20 – 22: This week in celebration of Thanksgiving we are crafting garlands and place setting cards. A variety of supplies with warm colors and different textures are out, plus blank cardstock shapes, plain paper, yarn, hole punches, stickers and more. We also have tons of wood scraps that are thirsty for glue! And glitter. :) You can make a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table or a sculpture to decorate any room. At the paint table there are cars and trains for track making. At the sensory table slime is back (a huge hit last week)! A beading activity is out, plus brushes at the easel, drawing with pastels on paint sample pages, and ‘draw and erase’ with markers and damp sponges on the shiny bench.

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