Drop-In Studio activities for Nov 2 – 4

November 1, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for November 2 – 4: This week we are making paper contraptions! Using cut pieces of paper, tape, paper fasteners, and lots of imagination you can create in 2D or 3D in abstract or representational form. Lots of fun… so many possibilities! On the front tables one of the activities is drawing with water-soluble pastels and colored pencil, then brushing over the drawings with water. A neat way to blend colors. There is an activity with craft sticks, foam letters, markers, glue and colorful tapes… what will you make? The paint table has pumpkins and cardboard boxes to paint on. The easel wall has liquid watercolors. The sensory table has clay with tools, trucks, dinos, and other odds and ends. The back corner has a mail-making station. And the back bench has a fun color sorting game.

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