Drop-In Studio activities for Nov 13 – 15

November 12, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for November 13 – 15: This week we have all sorts of goodies out for recycle craft – a studio favorite! Combine various recycled materials with wire, tape, string and stickers and turn them into something cool and unexpected. Color mixing with liquid watercolors is at the paint table. Slime is at the sensory table. We’re also making glow-in-the-dark pictures! Using glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge decorate a wooden circle (a full moon, perhaps) or piece of cardstock with gems, sequins, and glow stars. Cornstarch builders are out for freeform sculpting, or attach to a cardboard base. The shape blocks are on the reflective bench. And our tree is being transformed into a magic tree. :)

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