Drop-In Studio activities for May 19 – 21

May 18, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for May 19 – 21: This week we are into Spring with nest building and bird making! There are many ‘lost’ eggs at the studio that need cozy nest to live in. The wooden eggs are from past projects, so are slightly embellished, but can still be personalized. At the back tables we have Model Magic for sculpting birds to keep the eggs warm. At the paint table we are using thick, glittery finger paint for mono printing. We have lots and lots of colorful pouch lids that have been saved and donated to us – they’re perfect for necklace making!! We also have clay at the sensory table coupled with mini-construction trucks, sticks, blocks, wooden people and tools… this was conceived by Jacob, a 6yr old Muckykid. Thanks, Jacob! Brushes are at the easel. Drawing with fluorescent markers, along with stencils is at the front bench. Magnets are on the back bench.

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