Drop-In Studio Activities for May 17 – 19

May 16, 2018

Drop-In Activities for May 17 – 19: This week we are making laminated badges, art cards and bookmarks. Choose a paper base and embellish with metallic and chalk markers, stamping, stickers, decorative tapes, and old-school Letraset rub-on letters and numbers. Another activity is building/sculpting with cornstarch builders paired with mini wires and craft sticks. At the back tables we have painting with primary colors – beautiful results with fun color mixing. The sensory table has oobleck to scoop and pour. The paint table has cars, trains and paint with a small course for them to drive around. The front bench had paper letters and glue sticks. The back bench has mirrors, lenses and imagery to explore. The easel wall has liquid watercolors to paint with.

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