Drop-In Studio activities for March 3 – 5

March 2, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for March 3 – 5: This week we are crafting beds and homes for stuffed animals (…stuffed animals not included) using soft fabrics, pompoms, flowers, items from nature, and more. At the back tables we are making books and illustrating them with rubber stamps, markers, magazine cutouts and stickers. At the paint table the dinos are ready to be painted. We have printing at the easel with objects. Cloud dough is at the sensory table. On the back bench we have spin-art-with-circuitry set up – a very dynamic activity! Beading is on one of the front tables. Hammers and ‘nails’ are in the castle for use on the black foam lining the walls – repairs! Chalkboards and brushes with water are on the front bench.

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