Drop-In Studio activities for March 24 – 26

March 23, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for March 24 – 26: This week there are many paper bunnies and eggs to be decorated. We have fancy tapes, stickers, papers, fabric, yarn, brads, tinsel, cotton balls and more to embellish these iconic springtime shapes. At the paint table we are mixing liquid watercolors onto absorbent paper egg shapes – make enough to assemble a garland once they’re dry. To balance the shocks of color from the previous two activities, we have one that is monochromatic and quite soothing: sticks and stones glue collage. There is a spy scope making activity, for spotting signs of spring (or the Easter Bunny) with. On the side benches there are two new activities. One is making letter strips with paper letters and glue stick. Make a nameplate, an alphabet strip or a letter jumble – any way you slice it, it’s literacy!! On the back bench there is an interactive, collaborative sculpture, using cornstarch packing peanuts. Build on the wall, on, or in the box. It will be fun to see how it looks after three days of contributions. At the easel there are spring themed stamps and paint. At the sensory table, slime is out.

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