Drop-In Studio activities for March 19 – 21

March 18, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for March 19 – 21: This week we are crafting clothespin people. Dress them with fabric, flowers, feathers, decorative wires, stickers, markers and more. At the back tables we are designing artist trading cards. Using collage papers, pastels, colored pencils, rub-on letters, sparkly tapes and more — create a set or a single mini masterpiece! At the paint table have our tabletop easels set up with liquid watercolors. A huge sheet of bubble wrap is on the easel wall for painting on. You can also rub a piece of paper over the painted bubble wrap and ‘pull a print’. Clay is at the sensory table. Glue collage is set up with colored glue, animal shapes and recycled packaging. Mail making, play shapes, and mirror drawing are also out.

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