Drop-In Studio activities for March 16 – 18

March 15, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for March 16 – 18: This week we have a fun and colorful jewelry making activity. Using soft wires, make links for a chain effect. Thread beads onto them first for added detail. You can also make pendants with paper shapes. At the paint table we are printmaking using decorative tile sheets. Paint the sheet, rub a piece of paper over the paint, and pull up a beautiful print! The sensory table has clay paired with construction vehicles, wooden blocks, and people figures. The studio mailbox has a fresh coat of paint and is hungry for mail! It’s in the city now, so residents can look forward to receiving letters. :) We have a neat sculpture activity using adhesive foam, craft sticks, and craft materials. Super open-ended! The light table is plugged in. The city is open for play. Shape blocks are on the back bench. Plus, sparkly paint is at the easel.

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