Drop-In Studio activities for June 30 – July 2

June 29, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for June 30 – July 2: This week we are crafting butterfly puppets and garlands. We have a fun collection of tissue papers – the papery patterned wings are very reminiscent of real butterflies. At the paint table we are echoing the butterfly activity with fold paintings, which are very addictive!! At the back tables there are supplies for creating a collaged composition along with rubber stamps and pastels. Our laminating machine will be warmed up if you want to laminate your creation – big or small. Another activity is playing with rice and beans and making shakers. Decorating wooden spinning tops is on the back bench. 1 top per kiddo, but we have papers that can fit over the disk, so multiple designs can be made. Printing with objects is at the easel. Play dough, woodland creatures and objects from nature are at the sensory table. And our hair curler sculpture activity is set up on the front bench.

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