Drop-In Studio activities for June 2 – 4

June 1, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for June 2 – 4: This week we are upcycling little boxes into walkie-talkies… or any sort of magical device that has buttons for what your heart desires. At the paint table we are using liquid waters colors to paint onto semi-circular shaped paper. It will be neat to see what the shape inspires in the paintings. Another activity is sculpting with cornstarch builders. Sculpt onto wooden craft sticks, cardboard, or freeform. Blank shrinky dinks are on one of the front tables. We often have pictures printed onto the dinks, but it’s time to see original artwork shrunk down. :) On the side benches we have mail making and chalkboards with chalk and damp sponges. Big brushes are at the easel with tempera paint. Play dough is at the sensory table, along with people figures, some dollhouse furniture, cats, dogs, city buildings, and cars. Domestic props for some good old-fashioned role-play!

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