Drop-In Studio activities for June 11 – 13

June 11, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for June 11 – 13: This week we are making and playing with shadow puppets. Cut, hole-punch and tape paper to a handle – presto! A striking shadow figure against the lit screen. At another table we are utilizing our extensive scrap sticker collection and making sticker collages. :) Some are fuzzy, some shiny, others are glittery, while others are squishy. Some are even painted on. You can accentuate the various shapes with markers, too. We have color mixing at the paint table. Instant snow is at the sensory table – a cool tactile experience to counter the heat. At the easel our ocean stamps are set up with paint for stamping onto felt. We also have two nature activities: scooping and smelling fresh rose petals! And wrapping pinecones with metallic and fluorescent yarns. The pinecones make neat hanging decorations. Last, but not least, we have a Father’s Day card making station set up. Next week we will have a few Father’s Day crafts.

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