Drop-In Studio activities for July 7 – 9

July 6, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for July 7 – 9: This week we have a few classic craft activities. One is making paper chains. The links can be secured with tape or paper fasteners – and can be decorated with markers, stickers and colored tape. Needlepoint is set up on the back tables. We use tapestry needles, which are blunt and thicker for easier handling. There are also pipe cleaners, which can be “stitched” through the needlepoint screen. The third classic is good ol’ white glue with sticks and stones. At the paint table we are doing scrape paintings – pulling or pushing paint around the paper with both rigid and soft spackle tools. At the sensory table we are playing with Bubber. On the side benches we have: draw & erase and the curlers sculpture activity. Brushes are at the easel with tempera paint.

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