Drop-In Studio activities for July 27 – 29

July 26, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for July 27 – 29: This week we are building boats! Make a pirate ship, a sail boat… maybe a cruise ship? Don’t forget the passengers. :) At the back tables we are making rolled paper beads. We have supplies to make the traditional, triangular ones or a simpler version with a rectangular strip. It’s a fun challenge for fine motor – both kids and grown-ups! At the paint table we are doing large-scale printing. Paint an object with a brayer, place paper on top, burnish and then peel back paper for a super cool print. The easel wall has paint and little brushes. The sensory table has green play dough, woodland animal figures, flowers, and various tools and bowls. The back bench has magnet play. The front bench has oil pastels paired with coated paper (large paint samples) for a smooth drawing experience.

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