Drop-In Studio activities for July 20 – 22

July 19, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for July 20 – 22: This week we have two very open-ended craft activities. One is building sculptures with cornstarch builders, craft sticks and wires. The possibilities are endless! On one of the front tables we have paper craft with decorative papers, fabric and yarn scraps, markes, washi and colored masking tape, colored corrugated paper, hole punches, and more – I can’t wait to see what gets created :) We have three painting activities: painting on semicircles with liquid watercolors, painting tracks with cars and trucks, and tempera paint and brushes at the easel wall. The sensory table has slime. On the front bench we are making spy scopes with blue cellophane for a cool effect. The back bench has playing with magnets.

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