Drop-In Studio Activities for July 12 – 14

July 11, 2018

Drop-In Activities for July 12 – 14: This week we are crafting spirelli! It’s a favorite here at Muckykids. With precut paper shapes you can wind string around them in patterns or totally free form, with beautiful results! Spirelli can be strung up into a garland, can hang individually, or simply be a treasure. On one of the front tables we are making summertime butterflies with tissue papers, craft sticks, stickers, pipe cleaners, pens and tape. At another table we have shrinky dinks and beading. The paint table has wax resist with oil pastels and liquid watercolors. The sensory table has slime. The back bench has a mail making station for fun pretend play. And the front bench has popsicle making for the Pyramid Popsicle Shop. :)

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