Drop-In Studio activities for January 7 – 9

January 7, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for January 7 – 9: This week we are designing flags and banners with fabric, tape, markers, ribbons and strings. Lace designs into paper or foam bases – these can also be sculptures. We now have a castle in the studio, which the flags, banners and sculptures can adorn. The tabletop easels are set up with liquid watercolors on one side and chalk with water on the other side. We are adding to the marble run that was started last week, plus the recycle craft bench is still open. At the back tables we are making negative space compositions. The supplies are the remainders from board game and shape cutter punchouts. I can’t wait to see what comes of this activity! At the sensory table we are playing with instant snow. At the paint table cars and trains are set up. Space-themed stamps are at the easel wall. And the light table is on the front bench.

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