Drop-In Studio activities for January 12 – 14

January 11, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for January 12 – 14: This week we are crafting clothespin dolls, but how to dress them?! For unseasonably warm weather or cold weather? No matter what, make a few and they can be friends. ☺ We also have a gluing activity: new and reused wood pieces, colored glue and glitter on cardboard bases – build high or build wide. At the paint table we are printing with sponges and other objects. The back tables we have the beautiful and magical bleeding tissue paper paired with oil pastels. The front side bench has letter stamping. The shiny bench has draw-and-erase set up. The easel wall has cool blues and greens to paint with. And the sensory table has slime… It seems that we can’t get enough!

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