Drop-In Studio Activities for January 11 – 13

January 10, 2018

Drop-In Studio Activities for January 11 – 13: This week we are making rolled paper beads. Some of the paper for the beads is upcycled wrapping paper from the holidays, the rest is decorative and neon paper. Make them as individual treasures or put them on a string. We are also upcycling paint chips. Paired with shape cutters, scotch tape and colored masking tape, we look forward to seeing the various creations! The paint table has color mixing with liquid watercolors. The sensory table has play dough, some letter stampers, tools and animal figures. We have lots of glue and wooden pieces for glue and wood collages. The front bench has paper, shape stencils, colored pencils, markers, and stamps. The easel wall has tempera and brushes. The back bench has the Play Shapes blocks for temporary sculpture making.

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