Drop-In Studio activities for December 15 – 20 (extended hours!)

December 14, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for December 15 – 20: Drop-In is open all week as our extended holiday hours continue. This week we have a neat activity that involves the laminating machine! Decorate paper charms using all sorts of papers and tapes, stickers and shapes and we will laminate them for you. Use them as ornaments, gifts, keychain charms or simply as treasures. We are also dressing clothespin people – the standing or hanging variety. There is an activity that involves coloring mixing with transparent craft supplies. When dry, these can be hung in a window for the full effect. At the paint table enjoy driving through paint with cars and trains. Bubber is at the sensory table – a dry, but moldable substance. There is a color sorting game set up. Also, drafting supplies and stencils.

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