Drop-In Studio activities for Dec 21 – 23

December 20, 2017

Drop-In Studio Activities for December 21 – 23: This week we are crafting spirelli! With paper shapes as bases, you can wrap them with strings, decorate with stickers, or simply stack them. Add a string for hanging and turn it into an ornament. Make several and turn them into a garland. At the paint table we have a very dynamic painting activity using stencils and spray bottles filled with liquid watercolors. On the front bench we have wooden tops and circle papers. Decorate the top directly and then make more designs by decorating the paper circles – they become interchangeable. The tops can be a gift for a sibling or lucky adult! The front tables have door jingles and shrinky dinks with beading. The door jingles make a neat decoration that adds a bit of cheer as doors open and close. The dinks are printed with holiday-themed imagery (not pictured) and can be made into charms for key chains or beaded jewelry. The sensory table has play dough. The back bench has temporary sculpture making with our magnetic sculpture set.

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