Drop-In Studio activities for August 25 – 27

August 24, 2016

Drop-In Studio Activities for August 25 – 27: This week we are hanging onto the last days of summer with our ‘late summer dancing sticks’. Add ribbons, bells, colored tape and crepe paper, embellish with markers and you’re ready to celebrate! Looking towards September, we are making laminated bookmarks as a back-to-school project. The bases for the bookmarks (or multi media collage) is upcycled artwork. We have so many lovely paintings and prints that are unclaimed – you can enjoy working into the artwork with oil pastels, colored pencils, decorative tapes, and hole punches. We can laminate it for an added touch. Another activity this week is making currency for our ice cream shop. Make coins and bills and buy as much ice cream as you want. At the paint table supplies for fold paintings are set up. Ball painting is at the easel. Slime is on the sensory table. Recycle craft has been moved to the side bench for a mini-station. And the light table is plugged in for color and shape play.

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