Drop-In Studio Activities for August 23 – 25

August 22, 2018

Drop-In Activities for August 23 – 25: This week we have two old favorites out: nature wands and decorating paper pets. On the front tables we have a lovely stick collection along with colorful yarns, wire and tape, wooden and foam beads, and sparkly decorations to embellish the sticks into wands. The paper pet table has decorative papers, faux fur, feathers, tinsel, stickers and more for bringing the figures to life. At the easel wall we’ve hung large sheets of bubble wrap to paint with brayers and brushes. Rub a piece of paper over the paint and ‘pull a print’ of the bubble wrap. The sensory table has clay to play with. The back bench has hammers and golf tees to bang into dense foam. The front bench had paint samples and shape cutters for fun shape recognition and fine motor development. And the paint table has bowls of pasta drenched with paint paired with animal figures, tongs, and brushes – a sensory painting experience!

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