Drop-In Studio activities for August 13 – 15

August 12, 2015

Drop-In Studio activities for August 13 – 15: This week we are making books! Using decorative papers, images from magazines, rubber stamps, etc you can illustrate books that you bind with paper fasteners, tape or string. We have two ‘sticky’ activities: crafting animal puppets using fuzzy fabrics, yarn and various other craft supplies that are pressed onto to sticky foam bases. And our sticky bench is open with objects for creating interesting arrangements. We will photograph the sticky bench arrangements and display them on the wall for viewing. At the paint table we have golf and bouncy balls for painting. At the easel we’re printing with objects. At the sensory table there is slime. There is a jewelry making activity, which is crafting circle charms with wires and beads. Magnet play is set up, too.

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