Drop-In Studio activities for April 21 – 23

April 20, 2016

Drop-In Studio activities for April 21 – 23: This week we are celebrating Earth Day as well as Cambridge science week! All of our activities have elements of one or the other, or both. One of the activities that combines both is making sun catchers, using upcycled lids. The decorations for the sun catchers are transparent, translucent, and opaque. Some reflect light, some let light through and the overlapping colors make new colors. We are also making tissue paper flowers that can be ‘planted’ in our wall garden or brought home. Yeah for springtime!! Our clothespin doll activity uses lots of upcycled fabrics and yarn, plus various colorful craft supplies. We are using circuitry and kid power to do spin art. You can weigh various objects with our digital scales – predict which items will be lighter or heavier. Slime (a non-Newtonian fluid!) is at the sensory table. Cars, trains and trucks are at the paint table – use kinetic energy, or movement, to paint tracks. There is also mail-making and easel painting set up.

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