Drop-In Studio Activities for April 12 – 14

April 11, 2018

Drop-In Activities for April 12 – 14: In celebration of the longer days we are making sun catchers! We are using upcycled plastic lids, tissue papers, gems, other sparkly/light-catching supplies, and Mod Podge as an adhesive. Fun to hang in windows or prop on a ledge. Another colorful activity is at the paint table: printing using stencils, paint and sponges. Dab a painty sponge over the stencil and the results are super cool. Overprint with other stencils and colors. At the back tables we are making texture tokens with Model Magic, using various texture tools and markers for added detail. The sensory table has playdough with a springtime theme. The marble run is looking way cool. We are still adding to it this week. We are also decorating blank sticker sets with rubber stamps and markers. You can save them and use them later for decorating gifts, cards, etc.

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