Drop-In Activities for November 18 – 30

November 17, 2019

Drop-In Activities for November 18 – 30: This week we have a few fall and Thanksgiving crafts. At the front table we are making festive door jingles! Hang them on your front door and they jingle as guests enter your home. Cozy. At the same table you can make fall-themed garlands. At the tall tables we are crafting owls, as well as place setting cards for the Thanksgiving dinner table. The cards can also be “What I’m thankful for” ruminations. The owls you make are welcome to live at Muckykids, keeping the other owl on the hanging branch company. :) At the paint table we have liquid watercolors and markers – a pretty combination. The easel wall has brush painting. The sensory table has brown glittery play dough paired with woodland animals and objects from nature. And the recycle craft table is back to neutral-themed supplies for fun and open-ended building.

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