Drop-In activities for May 1 – 3

April 30, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for May 1 – 3: This week we’re ‘building’ nests. Choose a base from our recycle box and fill with yarn bits, fabric scraps and other soft treasures. Add decorative details with markers, stickers, colored tape, wooden eggs and birdies that can be made at the side bench. Our shiny table is cleared off for mark making! Draw right on the table and then erase marks with damp sponges. Our roll-a-line die will be at the table, too. Talk about line quality and try to draw the line that is rolled. At the sensory table we will have cornstarch and water set up with scoops, test tubes, funnels, and more. At the paint table we’re printing with large objects – so large they have to be painted with rollers to cover the surface. After the surface is painted, rub a piece of paper on top and pull up a fabulous print! The easel wall is set up with sponges for smaller printing. At the back table we have supplies for making sculpture mobiles. Plus, sensory balloons are back! Feel the balloons and try to guess what’s inside.

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