Drop-in activities for Mar 28 – 30

March 27, 2013

Drop-In Studio activities for March 28 – 30: This week we are decorating more wooden eggs — this time with bleeding tissue paper and water, plus loads of markers and colored pencils. We put eye screws in some of the eggs, if you want to string one for a necklace. We will also be crafting silly spring-time hats (or fire fighter helmets, or crowns, or…). The letter stamps are out. For painting activities we have brushes at the easel, plus dot and circle printing at the paint table. At the sensory table we have something new: instant snow! It is a polymer that expands when water is added. It has a wonderful spongy consistency and is cool to the touch. We couldn’t help adding color to ours! There is also an activity with sparkle paper, colored masking tape and stickers… endless possibilities.

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