Drop-In Activities for January 2 – 11

January 1, 2020

Drop-In Activities for January 2 – 11 (closed Sunday Jan 5th): Happy New Year!! We are starting 2020 with a few favorites from the last decade, including crafting paper pets and making them homes… or cars, or boats, or airplanes? This is a fun, creative way to bring 2D paper shapes to life! At the front tables we are making colorful sun catchers, using clear glue, upcycled plastic lids, and beautiful, translucent papers. Hang these in a window to help pass the cold winter days. A fresh batch of play dough is at the sensory table, with the babies and animals. The paint table has our 3D city ready for a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to tour the city with the racecars. Our play storefront has been established into a restaurant, but needs food to serve. Let’s make items at the recycle craft table! The easel wall has liquid watercolors to paint with.

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