Drop-In activities for Jan 9 – 11

January 8, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for January 9 – 11: This week we’re turning metal-rimmed tags into beads. With decorative papers, stickers, markers and sequins embellish the tags, put them on a string and presto! a nifty and unique necklace. At the paint table we have sponges, erasers, and circle printers for printing with paint. Brushes will be at the easel. Make spyglasses, binoculars and more at the recycle-craft table. The igloo now has a mailbox – we have mail making supplies for sending letters. Instant snow is at the sensory table. The light table is set up. And we have a sticky wall and sticky bench – a fun tactile experience and neat to arrange objects then peel them off.

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