Drop-In activities for Jan 23 – 25

January 22, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for January 23 – 25: This week we are bookmaking! Using tape, ribbon, waxed linen, wire or paper fasteners you can bind together blank pages. Embellish the book with drawings, collage, stickers and more. At the paint table we have fold paintings – a studio favorite. And at the easel wall we have various objects to print with, as well as brayers to roll paint onto the paper. There are trays of rice and beans to play with, but also to create a bean shaker with. Fill a recycled bottle to various levels and listen to the different sounds. When satisfied, tape cap on and decorate! We have our safety scissors out with paper strips for cutting practice. Cornstarch and water will be at the sensory table. Magnet play is at the back bench. And we have a shiny table to draw on with markers and damp sponges for erasing. A simple activity, but oh so satisfying for the kiddos. :)

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