Drop-In activities for Jan 16 – 18

January 15, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for January 16 – 18: This week we have two recycled crafts. One is crafting box boats! We have supplies for masts, paper for sails, stickers and colored tape for decorating. Make one or make a fleet! The other recycle craft is making rolled paper beads from magazine pages, which will be paired with beading. Slime is at the sensory table, stamping with paint at the easel, and painting on rocks with water at the paint table. We also have mail making for the igloo’s mailbox. At the back tables were making magic wands and cuff bracelets. With sticky foam as a base embellish with gems, sequins, feathers, glitter and more. We also have a sticky wall and sticky bench – a fun tactile experience and neat to arrange objects then peel them off.

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