Drop-In Activities for February 28 – March 2

February 27, 2019

Drop-In Activities for February 28 – March 2: This week at the back tables we are making charms/pendants/tokens. We are using decorative papers, shape cutters, markers, brads, tape and glue to embellish paper and wooden bases. Hang them from metallic stretchy string or ‘pocket’ them. We have a sculpture/recycle craft activity using empty tape rolls, marker lids, straws, colored masking tape, pipe cleaners, and more. What will you make?!! Another activity is drawing onto maps with drafting tools and stencils – a fun combination! The paint table has boxes and tubes taped down for a 3D painting experience. The easel wall has sponge painting. We have the mail making station set up on the back bench. And the sensory table has Oobleck to play with.

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