Drop-In activities for Feb 27 – Mar 1

February 26, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for February 27 – March 1: This week we’re crafting necklaces. At the back tables we have beads, bells, feathers, tape, paperclips, foam, hole punches, string and more – so many possible combinations! The sensory table is set up with animals, scoops, bowls and Bubber (a cool polymer-based modeling compound). The paint table is covered with black paper and we have white finger paint… high contrast fun, including greasy crayons for drawing through the paint. Making mail/free draw is set up on one of the front tables: paper, envelopes, oodles of stickers, markers, interesting scissors and tape. Magnetic sculpture is new to the studio. The objects have magnets under the pink tape. Build onto metal bookends or find magnet connections with the “pulling force” as opposed to the “pushing force” – a fun game. Animal stampers are set up. And the igloo is still hanging on (waiting for the big thaw!).

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